Cuban Wedding Traditions

Cuban Wedding Traditions

Cubans undoubtedly are a customs that valuations family and community. Many of these values are reflected inside their wedding customs. They aren’t quite the same as our company is used to witnessing in Western tradition, but they are much like fun.

One of the most exceptional traditions at a cuban wedding party is the cash dance, during which male guests pin cash on the bride’s apparel while your woman dances with all of them. This cash is usually directed at the couple as a way of helping shoulder a selection of their wedding expenditures.

In addition , it’s very common for the groom to wear a boutonniere made of lilies or other flowers that stand for love and commitment. It is very also very common for the woman to chuck her bouquet through the reception. The individual who traps it is thought to be the next one to get married.

Throughout a cuban wedding ceremony, it’s very important to thank the couple’s guests with gifts. This is why it isn’t really uncommon meant for the few to give each guest a particular gift just like handmade items or perhaps ribbons using their name built in. If the funds is large enough, the couple may even reward their guests a stogie to help celebrate their particular union.

It’s very common for the couple to keep a pre-wedding ceremony that is called “misa para fianza” to ask for their parents blessing before they get married. The ceremony will take place on the church or in their house. A lot of time, the couple may even change rings during their wedding ceremony reception in order to demonstrate their dedication to each other and also to defend against bad spirits.