What is Conversational AI? How it work? Conversational AI Vs Chatbot

What is Conversational AI? How it work? Conversational AI Vs Chatbot

A pioneer in the customer experience market, the company caters to the needs of more than 250 large enterprise clients in over 100 countries. Customer experience is a key differentiator in driving brand loyalty, but what is the driver differentiating customer experience? Odigo provides Contact Center as a Service solutions that facilitate communication between large organizations and individuals using a global omnichannel management platform.

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  • A good VA bot drives the conversation by intelligently leveraging AI and automation to suggest the next best course of action for users.
  • People don’t want to hunt through websites and online stores to find what they want, they want an easier process, and conversational AI is right here to reduce customer effort.
  • Since they generally rely on scripts and pre-determined workflows, they are limited in the way that they respond to users.
  • Furthermore, AI learns from each interaction and follow-up question and constantly refines its responses.
  • If the thought of painful upgrade processes has dissuaded you from implementing AI for your contact center, the ease of deployment for AI-based conversational intelligence will help you get to work faster.

After you’ve prepared the conversation flows, it’s time to train your chatbot. Choose one of the intents based on our pre-trained deep learning models or create your new custom intent. To do this, just copy and paste several variants of a similar customer request.

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Usually, chatbots are these basic software programs that answer people’s questions through a chat-based interface. Websites install them with predesigned questions & answers flow to navigate visitors to the desired action. As is evident, conversational AI can be used for a host of features from recommending products and services, appointment scheduling, and even boosting customer engagement. One example of conversational AI being used to make customer’s life easy is to schedule appointments through SmartAction. It also accepts corrections uses machine learning and reinforcement learning to learn from errors and mistakes and provide better experiences in the future.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI or conversational artificial intelligence is the set of technologies that makes automated messaging and conversations possible without human intervention. It involves text-based as well as speech-enabled automated human-computer interaction in a conversational format.

Handling multiple complaints, and effectively resolving them is a part of their job. Conversational AI should be able to deliver instant and precise answers to customer queries. Should have the ability to learn from customer input and improve over time. So, your CV has been shortlisted for the post of customer service representative? She creates contextual, insightful, and conversational content for business audiences across a broad range of industries and categories like Customer Service, Customer Experience , Chatbots, and more. With automated operations and lowered customer acquisition costs , businesses can focus on other important functions.

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And if the conversation is handed over to an agent, the CAI instantly connects to an online agent in the right department. Once the machine has text, AI in the decision engine analyses the content to understand the intent behind the query. The important thing is that these technologies are becoming more and more advanced and beneficial. In fact, about one in four companies is planning to implement their own AI agent in the foreseeable future.

Although not having predefined structures makes what is a key differentiator of conversational ais more natural, the conversations led by the AI may also be unpredictable. Conversational AI needs to go through a learning process, making the implementation process more complicated and longer. Developed by Joseph Weizenbaum at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ELIZA is considered to be the first chatbot in the history of computer science. At this level, the assistant can effectively complete new and established tasks while carrying over context. Released by Apple in 2011, Siri is a conversational AI intended to help Apple users. Siri is equipped with functionality from translation to calculations and from fact-checking to payments, navigation, handling settings, and scheduling reminders.

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Of these AI-powered solutions, chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants top the list and their adoption is expected to double in the next 2-5 years. This solution is becoming more and more sophisticated which means that, in the future, AI will be able to fully take over customer service conversations. Implementing AI technology in call centers or customer support departments can be very beneficial.

A friendly conversational AI assistant that’s always ready to help users solve issues regardless of the time or date will prompt potential customers to stick with your brand rather than turn to a competitor. Conversations with clients can be very time-consuming with repetitive queries. Using conversational AI then creates a win-win scenario; where the customers get quick answers to their questions, and support specialists can optimize their time for complex questions. Furthermore, with the aid of conversational AI, the efficiency of HR can also be greatly improved. AI-powered workplace assistants can provide solutions for streamlining and simplifying the recruitment process. According to the latest data, AI chatbots were able to handle 68.9% of chats from start to finish on average in 2019.

The Difference Between a Chatbot and Conversational AI

Odigo is a Contact Center as a Service solutions provider that uses AI for contact center tools, committing itself to the values of humanity, commitment and openness in every interaction. As alluded to earlier, conversational intelligence tools are designed with ease of deployment in mind. They contain pre-built conversations and intents that can be put to use right away. Moreover, conversational AI platforms employ a no-code philosophy that allows non-IT personnel to assemble conversation flows and intents via graphical interfaces. As such, even business minds can get their hands dirty with constructing the flows they know to deliver the results they desire, and readjust accordingly.

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ChatGPT vs Bard: Microsoft, Google’s growing chatbot rivalry and its lurking dangers.

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3) A virtual agent/assistant can respond to the user’s text in different languages. Removing the language barrier from the marketing funnel improves the international support teams. 1) A virtual agent that is powered by conversational AI can understand the user’s intention effectively. Conversational AI directs the consumers to the team or agent that can help them and not send them to the wrong department.

Conversational AI Vs Traditional Chatbots

This represents an increase of 260% in end-to-end resolution compared to 2017 when only 20% of chats could be handled from start to finish without an agent’s help. In addition, since it is powered by AI, the chatbot is continuously improving to understand the intent of the guest. How conversational AI works – Conversational AI improves as its database increases; it processes and understands questions, then generates responses. Conversational AI – Primarily taken in the form of advanced chatbots or AI chatbots, conversational AI interacts with its users in a natural way. 2) Natural language processing in conversational AI assists in restricting user frustration and can improve customer experience. One element of building customer loyalty is giving people the ability to engage on the channels that they choose.

  • From real estate chatbots to healthcare bots, these apps are getting implemented in a variety of industries.
  • Conversational AI is becoming more indispensable to industries such as health care, real estate, eCommerce, customer support, and countless others.
  • Choices, products, services, and customer demands have exploded, which makes it more challenging for consumers and businesses to hear each other.
  • However, the key difference-maker within the array of currently-available contact center AI tools, and the main focus for this blog post, is conversational bots.
  • These technologies incorporate natural language processing , natural language understanding , and machine learning algorithms.
  • This way, no matter the case, geographic region, language, or department, all resources and information can be discovered from one touchpoint.

Conversational AI has principal components that allow it to process, understand, and generate responses in a natural way. These tools can help recruiters automate repetitive processes in recruiting. It has been proven that conversational AI can reduce HR administrative costs by 30% by decreasing dependency on HR representatives to solve redundant queries.

What is a key definition of conversational artificial intelligence?

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) refers to technologies, like chatbots or virtual agents, which users can talk to.

These attributes show how conversational AI works and provide the clues to its importance for every business and organization moving forward in the digital age. Another advantage of Conversational AI, in terms of supporting clients in making buying decisions, is its accessibility. One of the most appealing aspects of starting a business online is that sales may happen at any time. The only thing that may get in the way is if consumers have shipping, sales, or product queries while there aren’t any personnel accessible. It can help anyone waiting to respond to a query before completing their checkout because it is available at all hours. It implies those purchases will happen sooner – and you won’t have to worry about buyers losing interest in their purchase before it’s completed.

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Conversational AI should reduce your support costs by resolving customer issues precisely without hiring more agents. Here, the input, be it text or speech, is analyzed with Natural Language Understanding , a part of NLP or Speech recognition, respectively, to understand the input and intent. Conversational AI can engage audiences with experiences that can truly be called conversational experiences.


Let’s face it straightaway – customers are quite smart these days and they know what they want and where to… They can give businesses a competitive advantage and uncover new opportunities to explore. DRUID is an Enterprise conversational AI platform, with a proprietary NLP engine, powerful API and RPA connectors, and full on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments. DRUID Conversational Business Apps can easily automate leasing application processing, fraud detection, lease renewals, risk assessment, and more.

  • Most of us would have experienced talking to an AI for customer service, or perhaps we might have tried Siri or Google Assistant.
  • NLG takes it a notch higher since instead of just generating a response, NLG fetches data from CRMs to personalize user responses.
  • Even though chatbot software is becoming more prevalent on B2B web pages, new users may still find them intimidating or confusing.
  • Conversational AI aids in the delivery of quick replies to a variety of clients.
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